SEO Tips for Beginners How I got a new domain in the top 20 in results for my primary key phrase (SEO Tips for Beginners) BEFORE my site went live.

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  1. Itsaboutcash (Jerry) is an SEO expert. His course for beginners is the best available for the most comprehensive step by step procedures. He has made this easy and affordable for all beginner webmasters and is a must if you want success for your site!

  2. The answer for the amazing achievement, without evening watching the video is that the domain name exact matches the search query. It is therefore treated as a navigational query.

    Essentially, you bought a domain name. Well done.

  3. @seoarticle Thanks. Too many people fail to understand how important the basics are.

    Keyword research helped get the position but quality content and the right marketing strategy is needed to keep the position or improve on it.

  4. @itsaboutcash their is a lot of factors that go into it ..i think beginners should keep reading and people who are lot more professional should do exactly what you said

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