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24 responses to “Article Marketing Simply WORKS – One Way Link Building – Page One Google Listings”

  1. More time-consuming than it’s worth… and those are some long-long-long tail keywords with low search volume. Check out SEOBook.

  2. I don’t disagree, but as I stated in the video I’m not targeting those keywords. I’m currently on page 2 of Google for work from home opportunities. See for yourself. That get’s around 20,000 searches a month. This is only part of my overall strategy. Social media is great for article marketing as well.

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    THIS WORKS! Its amazing.. THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE!!!!!!

  5. Nice video my friend, I need to get some more of this stuff done myself. Keep up the great work

  6. Thanks, Grant. Article marketing has been working for years and proves to continue to work. I don’t see any sign of it letting up.

  7. Thanks, Bert. It’s important to be able to back up claims, and article marketing is what has helped me achieve such great SE ratings.

  8. It is very kind of you to post the video! Not many people are giving out tips for free.

  9. This is some good valuable information. We really appreciate you. Many blessings to you and your company.

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  11. Yes. I do agree that article marketing is powerful when you use it correctly. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Great Video! we use articles like ArticlesLane, Ezine and Go Articles on daily basis.

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