1. What a great video! Great presenting! Thank-you very much for sharing that. I feel my views are similar to yours when it comes to this kind of stuff. Feel free to drop by and post a comment on my YouTube as well I am new here and could use a little help!

  2. Hi Joe,
    I stumbled onto your video and I have a few questions. First, you mentioned making a good offer to your JV partners. I wonder… what is a good offer? Can you give examples? And second, quite frankly I am not familiar with your product(s) and I was wondering did you come up with an idea and think to yourself… I can have a programmer at rentacoder make this for me?
    Perhaps you can answer these questions in future videos.

  3. Could you re-state the sites you used? I’d never heard of these and it sounds absolutely GREAT! However, I couldn’t quite understand what you said. Thanks.

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